Cake stands and cake pops! Our wedding day: Cupcake Week 2011


You may or you may not know that I recently got married. We got married in Sussex and had a perfect day!

…………………And? What has this got to do with cupcake week?……………

Well, in an effort to keep our wedding individual and add our own personal touches, we did as much as possible ourselves. Anything that could be made by hand was, including our wedding cake.

We both love cooking but neither of us exactly had a wealth of experience when it came to baking wedding cakes but how hard can it be right? Luckily, it did actually turn out ok but that was mostly down to my clever husband who made us a beautiful cake stand out of a manuka tree and walnut so that we didn’t have to figure out how we were going to make the tiers stand on top of each other.

My husband Ben is a carpenter and is very talented when it comes to designing beautiful furniture and handmade items such as the cake stand. I’m not going to be as bias as to review his work but you can see it for yourselves in the picture below. Ben makes pieces like this to order so if you are a cake company, wedding planner, or would just like something like this for yourself, please have a look at his website and let him know what you would like.

Our homemade wedding cake and cake stand

Continuing along the cake theme, we decided that with our welcome drinks we would like to serve cakepops. Having reviewed Yes Please Louise previously, we were so impressed with hers, we asked her to make them for us. They turned out to be absolutely beautiful and went down really well. I think it made a welcome change from canapes. We chose lemon coated in white chocolate and they were delicious.

Natalie of Yes Please Louise designed the cakepops to go with the colours of the wedding and they even had little delicate flowers on top. These really are great for a wedding. Have a look at her website and get in touch.

Ben made the cake pop stand and these are also available to order-