Foodie Penpals April and May 2014

Due to a few issues with post being returned, my April and May Foodie Penpal parcels arrived together so I have decided to write a combined blog.

My April box was from a lovely lady called Monique in Germany. We had lots of email exchanges and found we had a lot in common including 8 month old daughters so Monique made sure she included enough of everything so that I could share it with my family. I thought that was very considerate.

The parcel I received from Monique was huge but unfortunately there was no note so I’m a little unsure about what some things are or why they were chosen. I received two tins of German sausage meat, some bread and some marzipan. I was also very happy to be sent some sauerkraut and some Apfel Rotkohl (apple and red cabbage) both of which I love. I also had a mix for Sauerbraten which google tells me is a German pot roast and some kaltschale. I assumed the kaltschale was jelly but I’m so glad I didn’t make it up with custard because as it turns out, it’s soup.

Foodie pen pals- Germany

May’s box was from Ligia in Portugal. This was a really great box and very thoughtful. Everything was Portuguese apart from some tea which she included because I said I liked tea.

Ligia chose a mixture of traditional and modern items. The traditional foods included massa de pimentao (bell pepper seasoning) for meat, canned sardines and Bacalhau (cod fish) which I’m looking forward to using. I was also sent piri piri sauce and some little sweets that are given at Easter. Modern items included some chilli and lime chocolate and some fantastic apple, hibiscus and orange artisan tea.

It was a really exciting box and I still have a few things left to try.

Foodie pen pals Portugal

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