Gentlemen’s afternoon tea with the girls – Afternoon tea review: The Laguna Kitchen and Bar, Park Plaza

Gentlemens afternoon tea- Park Plaza

Afternoon tea is always a hit with me when it’s done well but with so many jumping on the vintage china and finger sandwiches bandwagon, it can become rather generic. That’s why I’m always interested to find somewhere that is doing it a bit differently, with a bit of a twist. This is exactly what Laguna Kitchen and Bar at Park Plaza have done with their ‘Gentlemen’s Afternoon Tea’. So a few weeks ago, I joined fellow blogger Jaye from Cardiff in a Tea Cup to sample their manly take on afternoon tea without a man in sight.

Although aimed at men, this is definitely not for them alone but for anyone who fancies something a bit less dainty and girly. I do love traditional afternoon tea but I have to say, the thought of a steak sandwich instead of cucumber and cream cheese with the crusts cut off definitely grabbed my attention.

Our tea was served on slate boards instead of a cake stand and was very visually pleasing. It looked fantastic, a real feast. It was served with our choice of loose leaf tea from Waterloo Tea and the option of coffee if prefered. The savoury and the sweet were served at the same time as they would be with a traditional afternoon tea. The savoury food was as follows:

  • Miniature prawn cocktail shot
  • Severn & Wye smoked salmon blini with dill crème fraiche & caviar
  • Chorizo Scotch egg with Bloody Mary mayonnaise
  • Seared Welsh sirloin steak with caramelised red onions & garlic mushrooms on toasted ciabatta
  • Mini Brecon Venison burger with juniper berry & red currant mayonnaise
  • Roast sirloin of Welsh Beef and horseradish stuffed Yorkshire pudding

And the sweet:

  • Warm chocolate fondant served with clotted cream
  • Rum Baba filled with Chantilly cream and raspberries

Everything was really nice. I loved the scotch egg with a tangy Bloody Mary mayonnaise and the beef and horseradish Yorkshire pudding was excellent. My favourite item was the venison burger which was full of flavour and looked amazing. The steak sandwich was very nice but it was big. I don’t usually complain about being fed well but it did seem rather large in the company of the other dishes.

I didn’t think there would be any issues with me being able to finish a dish but by the time we moved onto the sweets I was feeling quite stuffed. I wished I’d left some of the savoury because I couldn’t finish my lovely Rum Baba which was my favourite of the two sweets. The chocolate fondant was very good too but sadly the ‘warm’ part of the description was lacking as it was brought out at the same time as the savoury food. I can see the logic in bringing everything together but I think the desserts would have been better served after the savoury so that they were at their best.

Verdict: Overall I really enjoyed Gentlemen’s Afternoon Tea. Meaty, filling and more about the savoury than the sweet is definitely for me. For £18.95 per person I think it’s a fair price too. There was no scrimping on ingredients and a lot of work had gone into it. I think it will appeal to women who will buy it for the men in their lives. If you like afternoon tea for the traditional reasons, this doesn’t really have any of those elements apart from the tea itself, but for a relaxing hour with some fantastic finger food and good tea you can’t go wrong.

I was invited to Laguna Kitchen and Bar as a guest so my afternoon tea was complimentary

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