My Japanese Kit Kat Obsession- My biggest stash yet

Last Christmas (I realise it was almost 6 months ago…) I was given the best gift from my little brother. He sourced a parcel of Japanese Kit Kats to add to my collection. My large stash included 9 that I hadn’t tried. Here’s a run down…

Ichimi Chilli

Chilli Chocolate isn’t particularly unusual these days and this one is very typical. It tastes like a dark chocolate kit kat but with an after burn. Very nice but no wow factor.


Azuki sandwich

Azuki Sandwich 2

Azuki beans are used a lot in desserts in Japan. They are sweetened and used for filling

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in cakes and mochi amongst other things. This Kit Kat is supposed to taste like an azuki sandwich. I think it’s pretty good. You can definitely taste the azuki beans and there is a toasty taste to it as well. Although pretty accurate, I’m not sure it’s my favourite flavour. It reminds me of something I can’t place and I’m not entirely sure it’s edible.


Hojicha tea

Hojicha Tea 2

Hojicha tea is a green japanese tea. It’s generally a mild tea, unlike the Hojicha tea Kit Kat which smells and tastes of very strong tea. It is too strong for my liking but very clever to get such strong flavours into a chocolate bar. It does have a fishy quality about it though.


Citrus golden blend

Citrus Golden Blend 2

Not one of the most imaginative flavours but that generally means it is more likely to taste good. This is actually one of my favourites. It smells very sweet and orangey but perhaps more like potpourri than something edible. The chocolate is sweet with a zingy after taste. I would buy this one again if it was available over here.


Edamame soybean

Edamame beans 2

Full marks for imagination but I’m disappointed with this one. It has an unpleasant strong nutty smell to it but the taste is very non descript. I definitely can’t taste soybean. I had high hopes for this one too.


Strawberry cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake 2

There are lots of different varieties of strawberry Kit Kats. This one is strawberry cheesecake. Unlike the other ones I’ve tried it has a creamy taste to it, not unlike a baked cheesecake. It’s actually really good. The creaminess means it isn’t as sweet as some. It does smell like strawberry lip gloss though.


Halloween pumpkin pudding

Halloween Pumpkin Pudding 2

This one is so so sweet. Too sweet for me with a musty pumpkin taste. It’s very subtle but I can definitely taste pumpkin through all that sugar. It’s a white chocolate Kit Kat which adds to the sweetness but it works well with the pumpkin. I can’t imagine it would have tasted like pumpkin pie with milk or dark chocolate. This limited edition comes in 5 different packages so I’d like to get my hands on the others for my collection.


Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate 2

What can I say? You know the dark chocolate Kit Kat we have over here in the UK? Well, it’s exactly the same…


Rum and raisin

Rum and Raisin 2

This one is very good and unlike some of the more unusual offerings, if I tasted it with my eyes closed I would be able to guess exactly what it was. The rum is strong and it has the sweetness of the raisins. It smells like it tastes and isn’t too artificial.



You can read about how all this started here