Appealing to my inner child- Subscription box review: The Sweet Club

Sweet Club

There are so many subscription boxes on offer at the moment. It’s something I’m really into and like to try out new ones whenever possible but to be honest I’m getting a bit bored with the ‘healthy’ boxes. That’s why The Sweet Club appealed to me. As an adult I spend far too much money on kiddies sweets but I can’t help myself so the offer to review a subscription box crammed entirely with sweets was very hard to resist.

The Sweet Club are a UK based company delivering monthly boxes of confectionary. For £9.95 (there is a £7.95 introductory offer) each subscriber is sent a box of sweets of their choosing weighing in at approximately 800g. Most subscription boxes that I’m used to send a random selection each month or a selection based on your preferences so this one is a little different because you can choose your own sweets. I was a little disappointed at first because I love a surprise but that said, I really enjoyed browsing all the categories and choosing my own. I then realised that after your first box, you can have random selections if you’d prefer. Perfect, you have the choice.

There is a ridiculously large selection. There are 14 initial categories including USA candy, hard/boiled sweets, chewy gummy sweets and then there are hundreds of sweets under each category. You are allowed to pick 8 things per box so you get a really good selection. This was my pick:

Coconut M&Ms- These were chosen from the USA Candy category. American Candy shops seem to have popped up all over the place with sweets at extortionate prices so these seemed very reasonable because as part of a box they weren’t going to cost any more than the rest of my selection. I’m a bit of a sucker for new flavours of old favourites so I felt the need to give these a go. I think I’ll stick to the chocolate ones in future.

Giant Gobstoppers- Also from the USA Candy section, I picked these because I loved them when I was in school. They change colour as you suck them. They brought back great memories.

Watermelon Bon Bons- An old favourite and a new exciting flavour. I had to try. The fact that they are blue also appealed to my inner child.

Chocolate fudge crunch- Every box needs a bit of chocolate and this was really good. Chewy, chocolatey and crunchy is a winning combination.

Rosey apples- Another childhood favourite although I don’t know how I used to crunch through them. I can’t do it now.

Beer bottles- I think these are my all time favourite sweet. I used to love them when I was a child because I thought I was being naughty having beer. I still love them and get very excited when I see them.

Mixed selection- Lastly I chose one of the pre packed options to get a good mix.

Verdict: One of the best subscription boxes I’ve been sent to review but then I do love sweets. There is a huge selection and you can change what you have every month or just order a one-off box. The fact that you can choose your own sweets or have a random selection makes it quite unique and I love having both options available.

Beer bottles


I was invited to try The Sweet Club and my box was complimentary.